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How ASP.NET Request Processing takes place ?
09-20-2010, 10:34 AM (This post was last modified: 09-20-2010 10:35 AM by arti.porwal20@gmail.com.)
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Rainbow How ASP.NET Request Processing takes place ?
ASP.NET request processing is based on a pipeline model in which ASP.NET passes http requests to all the modules in the pipeline. Each module receives the http request and has full control over it.
The module can play with the request in any way it sees fit. Once the request passes through all of the HTTP modules, it is eventually served by an HTTP handler. The HTTP handler performs some processing on it, and the result again passes through the HTTP modules in the pipeline.

Notice that during the processing of an http request, only one HTTP handler will be called, whereas more than one HTTP modules can be called.

Http Handlers

Quote:HTTP handlers are the .NET components that implement the System.Web.IHttpHandler interface. Any class that implements the IHttpHandler interface can act as a target for the incoming HTTP requests. HTTP handlers are somewhat similar to ISAPI extensions. One difference between HTTP handlers and ISAPI extensions is that HTTP handlers can be called directly by using their file name in the URL, similar to ISAPI extensions.

HTTP handlers implement the following methods.
[b]ProcessRequest[/b] : This method is actually the heart of all http handlers. This method is called to process http requests.  
[b]IsReusable[/b] : This property is called to determine whether this instance of http handler can be reused for fulfilling another requests of the same type. HTTP handlers can return either true or false in order to specify whether they can be reused.

These classes can be mapped to http requests by using the web.config or machine.config file. Once that is done, ASP.NET will instantiate http handler whenever the corresponding request comes in.


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